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Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Restore Your Floor’s Shine with Expert Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

Hardwood floors add another touch of elegance and beauty to your gleaming offices and homes. But over time, these floors can lose the shine and newness if not taken care of properly. And even though you hire cleaners to mop the floors or do it yourself, regular cleaning isn’t going to bring back the luster. If you’re wondering how to revert your hardwood floor to its original condition, you’ve reached the right spot. At Dirty2Clean, we’re known as the hardwood floor cleaning service that makes all the ‘hard’ cleaning look easy. Braced with the best equipment and workers, we utilize state-of-the-art tools to clean your hardwood floors, restoring them to a condition good as new.

Over the years, we’ve dealt with all kinds of floors with minor to extensive damages. But that has only worked in increasing our level of comfort in meeting your expectations. No matter the level of damage, we’ll clean it until we’ve achieved your desired satisfaction.



The Dirty2Clean Process for Hardwood Floor Care

At Dirty2Clean, our process is pretty simple but thorough. Initially, our technicians take a complete overview of your floors, inspecting areas that require the most attention. After that, we start by removing the loose dust and lint particles through a vacuum. Once we’ve done that, we use highly powered cleaning equipment to purge away the residue and any remaining dust particles soiling your floor.

Our thorough and professional hardwood floor cleaning also involves hand cleaning with a microfiber cloth to reach the edges and corners often overlooked in regular cleaning. Taking a step further, we clean your hardwood floors a second time to ensure the shiny finish you’d been looking for. The final step involves checking and rechecking that we’ve done your job up to the mark. Ultimately, we become partners in enabling your hardwood floors’ longevity.



Why Choose Dirty2Clean for Hardwood Floor Cleaning?


100% Customer Satisfaction

For us, it’s as clear as day: if we can’t clean it, we’ll re-clean it until we’ve achieved your satisfaction level. The result: we’re fast becoming the number one choice of residential and commercial clients alike.


Value for Money

Affordability differentiates one hardwood floor cleaning service from the other. By offering the best rates, we ensure you’re never left with a shadow of doubt and with the assurance of choosing the best cleaning service in Salt Lake City.


Flexible Working Hours

We schedule our working hours according to your working hours. That means we work whenever suits you best. Since we provide round-the-clock professional hardwood floor cleaning service, it’s only your convenience that matters to us.


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