Odor and Stain Removal Services

Stress-free Odor and Stain Removal Services

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a guest entering your house and exclaiming, ‘what’s that smell?!” But avoiding that to happen is easy when you hire professional odor and stain removal services from us. At Dirty2Clean, we know it’s impossible to stop your pets from staining the floor or sofa. But leaving it at that isn’t something we advise. Instead, we offer to clean and remove all possible stains deriding your home’s beauty.

Besides that, we also deodorize your house, leaving it smelling fresh and fragrant. Whether it’s pet urine odor, smoke odor, or a possible mold odor that you can’t figure out, we have the expertise to have your home odorless in a matter of hours.

Our Odor and Stain Removal Process

Stains are hard to clean anyway, even when fresh. When left for a while longer, they can become embedded into the surface, leaving an unpleasant smell in the air. In such times, we don’t recommend regular cleaning as it can damage your floor or sofa covering extensively. At Dirty2Clean, we have expert technicians who have experience in removing old and new stains without any effort on your part.

Our process includes analyzing the surface texture and fabric and then deciding the best stain cleaning method to employ. After that, we use specialized tools to revive your surfaces back to stain-free. Finally, we use neutralizers to deodorize the atmosphere. In this way, we help restore your home’s sanitary environment in which you can breathe freely.


Why Choose Dirty2Clean for Odor and Stain Removal Services?


100% Customer Satisfaction

For us, it’s as clear as day: if we can’t clean it, we’ll re-clean it until we’ve achieved your satisfaction level. The result: we’re fast becoming the number one choice of residential and commercial clients alike.


Value for Money

Affordability differentiates one odor and stain removal service from the other. By offering the best rates, we ensure you’re never left with a shadow of doubt and with the assurance of choosing the best cleaning service in Salt Lake City.


Flexible Working Hours

We schedule our working hours according to your working hours. That means we work whenever suits you best. Since we provide round-the-clock professional odor and stain removal service, it’s only your convenience that matters to us.


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